Erosion of interactive buckling load of thinwalled steel bar members: contribution of "Timisoara School"


  • Dan Dubina
  • Viorel Ungureanu


erosion, critical load, interactive buckling, ECBL approach, bar members


The paper presents a summary of the activity and research achievements of the Romanian researchers of Timisoara School in the field of stability of cold-formed steel members. Both, fundamental theory and applied instability contributions are focussed. Post-critical theory of elastic structures, the analysis of stable and unstable components of bifurcation load, coupling of bifurcations modes (e.g. mod interaction), erosion of critical load are the topics in which the theoretical contributions of Timisoara School are significant. Present paper focuses the mode interaction problems of thin-walled steel bar members only, integrating some relevant results obtained by the authors through a state-of-art review.


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