Non-linear stability of cylindrical panels made of transversally functionally graded material with uniformly shortened edges


  • Zbigniew Kolakowski Lodz University of Technology, Department of Strength of Materials, Poland
  • Leszek Czechowski Lodz University of Technology, Department of Strength of Materials, Poland


FGM, cylindrical panels, postbuckling equilibrium paths, first and second order approximation, step-variable graded material


The present paper deals with FGM cylindrical panels with uniformly shortened edges when the shear lag phenomenon and distortional deformations are taken into account. A shell model (2D) was adopted. A method of the modal solution to the nonlinear stability problem within Koiter’s asymptotic theory, using the semianalytical method (SAM) and the transition matrix method, was applied. Post-buckling equilibrium paths for two FGM panels of step-variable gradation along the circumferential direction within the first- and second-order non-linear approximation were determined.


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