Study of damping of composite materials with hybrid resin matrice based on Dammar reinforced with sunflower seed shells


  • Alexandru Bolcu Department of Applied Mechanics, Faculty of Mechanics, University of Craiova, Romania
  • Marius Marinel Stanescu Department of Applied Mechanics, Faculty of Mechanics, University of Craiova, Romania
  • Dumitru Bolcu Department of Applied Mechanics, Faculty of Mechanics, University of Craiova


composite materials, hybrid resin, sunflower seed shells, vibration behavior


Humanity's ability to find solutions to protect the environment will prove that we are an intelligent species. One solution would be to use only materials from very rapidly renewable resources to make equipment and consumer goods. The study in this article falls in the direction presented earlier. More specifically, the reinforced composite materials were made from ground sunflower seed husks (waste from the production process of oil factories) and have as a matrix a hybrid resin with 50%, 60%, 70% and 80% volumic proportion of Dammar natural resin. For this type of composite materials, the vibration behavior was studied according to the proportion of natural Dammar resin in the matrix used. The eigen frequency and damping factor for the first natural vibration mode were determined experimentally.


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