A natural sonic composite – the atmosphere


  • Cornel Brisan
  • Rodica Ioan
  • Ligia Munteanu
  • Dan Dumitriu
  • Cristian Rugina


atmospheric models, Eshelby theory, full band-gap, hyperchaotic attractor, Riddling bifurcation


The atmosphere represents a natural sonic composite exhibiting the full band-gaps and localized modes around inhomogeneities given by the wind-velocity jumps. The paper analyses a barometric model including inhomogeneities which are modelled as Somigliana dislocations. The motion of atmospheric air is characterised by anharmonic coupling of nonlinear baroclinic fields of waves, and it is possible to tend to chaos when subjected to severe acoustic pulses. The riddling bifurcation is depicted that explains the generation of the hyperchaotic attractors.


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