oupled transversal and longitudinal vibrations of a plane mechanical system with two identical beams


  • Sorin Vlase
  • Mircea Mihalcica
  • Maria Luminita Scutaru
  • Cristi Nastac


vibration, eigenvalue, eigenmode, beam, symmetry


The paper aims to highlight some vibrations properties for a plane beams structure, where transverse vibrations are coupled with the longitudinal vibrations. In engineering practice it often happens that identical parts are used in projects for reasons which relate to design time, material costs and execution time. Considering only the statics approach, these types of systems have been studied in strength of materials. In the case of dynamics, some comments on the calculation of symmetrical systems have been made in the literature, but a systematic study does not yet exist; some particular cases were treated in the literature. In this paper we aim to study a symmetrical system of beams that presents vibrations in the system’s plane. The determination of properties of such systems would decrease the computational time and effort and would automatically imply lower development and testing costs and would increase the accuracy of calculus.


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