Analytical and numerical studies on formability of metal/polymer/metal sandwich sheets


  • Abdolvahed Kami
  • Kwansoo Chung
  • Dorel Banabic


GTN model, M-K model, Nakazima test, formability, forming limit curve, sandwich sheet


The aim of this study is to analyze formability of three-layer metal/ polymer/metal sandwich sheets. For this purpose, forming limit curves (FLCs) of sandwich sheets with particular configurations were determined using two different approaches, namely an anisotropic GTN model and a modified M–K model. Both GTN and M-K models use mechanical properties of separate layers instead of an equivalent property for the whole sandwich sheet. Effects of thickness, material, and sequence (with respect to the forming punch) of the metallic skin layers on the FLCs of the sandwich sheets were also studied. The results showed that, all of the considered parameters had significant effects on formability of the sandwich sheets. Furthermore, it was found that, the sandwich sheets can have their formability improved by increasing the thickness of the layers and appropriately selecting the layering sequence.


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