Influence of lanthanum doping on the strucutral, morphological and thermal characteristics of nickel ferrite


  • Traian Florin Marinca
  • Marius Cristian Olaru
  • Bogdan Viorel Neamtu
  • Florin Popa
  • Ionel Chicinas


nickel ferrite, lanthanum doping, spinel ferrite, magnetic material, lanthanum orthoferrite


Lanthanum doped nickel ferrite – NiFe1-?La?O4 has been synthesised by solid state reaction using nickel and iron oxides (NiO and Fe2O3) and lanthanum hydroxide (La(OH)3). The samples have been investigated by X-ray diffraction, in situ-high temperature X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis, and differential scanning calorimetry. The amount of the lanthanum cations which enter in the cubic spinel structure is less than 1 % – related to 100 % of the one atom of Ni from the chemical formula of nickel ferrite – NiFe2O4. In the case of all doped samples that have been prepared a secondary phase with orthorhombic structure is resulting after the heat treatment: LaFeO3 – orthoferrite. Upon increasing the lanthanum amount in the starting samples, the amount of the orthoferrite increases also. The secondary phase follows the contour of the lanthanum doped ferrite grains.


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