MERO modular walking robots control


  • Luige Vladareanu
  • Ion N. Ion
  • Mihai Munteanu
  • Daniel Mitroi


MERO walking modular robot


Starting from the standard MERO walking modular robot, which is a robot on 3x6 degrees of freedom, autonomous, being able to interact with the environment, are presented the results obtained by the improvement of the structural and real time control performances. For this purpose kinematics and kinetostatics analysis are performed, and the mathematic model of the inverted kinematics is determined for controlling the main trajectory that defines legs’ support and weigh centre positions. Related to this there is presented an Open Architecture system for the MERO robot position control in Cartesian coordinates through real time processing of the Jacobean matrix obtained out of the forward kinematics using the Denevit-Hartenberg method and calculating the Jacobean inverted matrix for feedback. The obtained results prove a significant reduction of the execution time for the real time control of MERO robot’s position in Cartesian coordinates and increased flexibility.



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