Analytical approximation solution of nonlinear Blasius problem


  • Bogdan Marinca Politehnica University Timisoara, Romania
  • Vasile Marinca Center for Advances and Fundamental Technical Research, Romanian Academy, Timisoara Branch, Bd. M. Viteazul Nr. 24, 300233, Timisoara, Romania


Blasius equation, Optimal Auxiliary Functions Method, Nonlinear differential equation, Optimal parameters


A new alternative technique of the Optimal Auxiliary Functions Methods (OAFM) is proposed and applied to solve nonlinear differential equations of the Blasius problem. The proposed procedure is very effective and convenient and does not require linearization or small parameters. The main advantage of this approach consists in that it provides a convenient way to control convergence of the approximate solution in a very rigorous way. The solution obtained using the present procedure is in a very good agreement with numerical results and some well-known results, which prove that OAFM is a power tool for nonlinear problems, very efficient and accurate.


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