A novel control architecture for robotic-assisted single incision laparoscopic surgery


Robotic surgery, client-server architecture, teleoperation, kinematics, simulation


In order to obtain a ready for printing TEXT, it is recommended to avoid the introduction of inutile TAB or PAUSE. It is also recommended that the paper has an even number of pages. Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery is a developing procedure which has the potential to become the future of laparoscopic surgery. Its main advantage over the classic laparoscopic surgical interventions consists in its potential of hiding any trace of a surgery operation if achieved through the umbilicus. Nevertheless, this procedure requires highly developed technical equipment in a very narrow space, with large dexterity, for this reason robotics may provide a viable solution. The paper focuses on the development of a robotic SILS instruments architecture and a communication protocol within a master-slave teleoperated robotic system by implementing the client-server approach to transfer information between different devices to render a smooth operation of the equipment, adapted to the medical specialists’ needs. The master component is the well-known Omega.7 haptic device, while the slave component consists of the KUKA iiwa LBR collaborative robot which positions the set of custom designed robotic SILS instruments. The inverse kinematics of the instruments has been also developed, to be further used within the control system. A set of simulations using the CoppeliaSim and Matlab environments have been done to show that the proposed solution can potentially be implemented into a fully developed solution.


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