Automatic S.A.M.D. Monitoring and common equipment systems


  • Lucian Marius Velea
  • Luige Vladareanu
  • Radu Adrian Munteanu
  • Mihai Stelian Munteanu
  • Zachei Podea
  • Alida Lia Mariana Velea
  • Alexandru Gal


energetic and technological parameters


The paper presents a modern solution for monitoring the energetic and technological parameters as well as the drive of an industrial platform with open architecture using systems with programmable logic circuits (PLC) in decentralized and distributed structures with distance common equipment systems. Data and command transmission is realized by optical fiber networks. Realization of such systems could lead to an efficient and optimal management to realize an excellent workflow, to diminish the stops, to eliminate the technological raffles, as well as to realize a superior quality production in accordance to the implemented quality standards.



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