Influence of internal damping on cable vibration


  • Marcel Migdalovici
  • Tudor Sireteanu
  • Emil Matei Videa


cable vibration, modelling and control, Euler-Bernoulli beam, internal damping


The problem of vibration control of overhead line conductors subjected to laminar transverse wind, which induce stationary vibrations by Kármán effect, is of high importance due to the consequences on these structures lifetime and service. We consider the conductor (cable) model as Euler-Bernoulli beam with the author condition that detaches the conductor model of the beam model with viscous, hysteretic or dry friction internal damping hypothesis. The original analytical expression of the free vibration modes and the resonance frequencies equation for the cable with clamped extremities were produced. The analytical expression of the dissipated energies of the internal forces of the cable and other analytical results are performed by the authors. A possible equivalence between the internal damping coefficients of the cable models, using the described damping hypothesis, is analyzed.


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