Hierarchical structures based on PLC distributed systems


  • Luige Vladareanu
  • Constantin Ichimoaei
  • Viorica Bogdanescu


real time control, SCADA systems, programmable logical controller, distributed and decentralized systems


The paper presents a deep study of advanced programming techniques of the automation system based on PLC (Programmable Logical Controllers) such as: index addressing; saving data to Flash EPROM when the power supply drops down and refreshing of status variables when the power is turned on; acquisition and digital processing of analogue signals; complex arithmetic functions; special functions for closed feedback loop adjustment PI-PID; memory allocation, word and double word processing, etc. There is presented a versatile communication network in hierarchical structure integrated through an Advant field bus as a decentralized, safety system in Advant OCS networks. There are included examples of applications for developing top technologies used in food processing industry, petrochemical industry and agriculture. In the end there is shown a hierarchical structure system for automatic management of industrial processes.


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