A special class of DRIP media with hysteresis


  • Marius Florinel Ionescu
  • Vetunia Chiroiu
  • Dan Dumitriu
  • Ligia Munteanu


hysteresis operator, DRIP media, interacting waves, Preisach model, soliton theory


Since the interaction phenomenon for waves of arbitrary shape and amplitude is a property of the transmitting medium rather than of the particular wave profiles, Seymour and Varley named as DRIP the media that do not remember the interaction process. In such media the profile of the interacting waves is affected by the interactions with hysteresis. The waves exhibit the solitonic features, but in contrast to solitons, the waves distort as they propagate by an amount that is altered by the interaction. The hysteretic effect is to alter the arrival time of their fronts at any point.


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