Class of anthropomorphic modular reconfigurable grippers with three or four fingers for robot-design and prototype


  • Ionel Staretu


robots, anthropomorphic grippers, mechanism, modular design, reconfigurable gripper, functional simulation, prototype


In this paper, one class of anthropomorphic modular reconfigurable grippers for robots is described, including a prototype. First, the stages of synthesis, analysis design, and functional simulation are illustrated. The structural synthesis of the anthropomorphic grippers for robots is possible according to the following main criteria: the number of fingers, the number of phalanxes, the relative dimensions of the phalanxes, the relative position of the fingers, the degree of freedom of the gripping mechanism, and the characteristic constructive elements that are used. We choose two versions: with three and four identical fingers with three phalanxes on finger. Kinematic synthesis is used to obtain correct closing of the finger and of the gripping mechanism. The function of position, the function of speed, and the function of acceleration for characteristic points are obtained from the kinematic analysis. The static synthesis solves the problem of obtaining the necessary gripping force on each finger, and the total gripping force. Strength calculation was possible based on the internal forces, which act between elements. By means of constructive dimensions, a 3D model can be obtained using CATIA software. Some aspects regarding functional CAD and virtual simulations are depicted as well. For one variant of this type of gripper, with three fingers, the technical documentation is completed and the technical project meets all the conditions for practical achievement, and a prototype was made. There are two main constructive modules: the support – the palm and the finger. The main technical characteristics of the prototype are indicated. Some aspects regarding actuated and command schemes are illustrated.


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