Two-Dimensional Superlattices: synthesis, stability, and bandgap control


  • Cristian V. Ciobanu


2D materials, monolayer superlattices, domain boundaries


This article constitutes a brief review of recent results related to the experimental realization of one-dimensional interfaces between two-dimensional (2D) materials, along with their mechanical and electronic properties. In the current lore of 2D materials, the formation of spatially periodic domains of different materials constitutes a versatile way to enhance the range of electronic properties and phenomena that can be accessed for fundamental studies and technological applications. Mechanically, the domain boundaries are stable, but can become wrinkled or wavy under certain conditions. In terms of electronic properties, superlattices made of hybrid graphene and boron nitride domains can exhibit rich and spin-depedent behaviour: for example, they can be metallic in one spin component and semiconducting in the other, or semiconducting in both spin components with same or with different band gaps. The control parameters for accessing different electronic properties are the type of materials in the superlattices and their domain widths. These findings can be used in future generation electronic and spintronic devices based on 2D superlattices.


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