An analytical model for the structure of the detonation waves. Application for hypersonic propulsion


  • Corneliu Berbente
  • Marius Brebenel
  • Sorin Berbente


Chapman-Jouguet mass rate, equivalent Mach number, isoenergetic flow


The gas flow field within an 1D normal detonation wave at variable specific heats and viscosity with temperature is considered. Such detonation waves appear in the so called air-breathing scramjet engines used at hypersonic speed in order to avoid the dissociation by slowing down the flow to subsonic speeds. The obtained waves are possible by adjusting the mass flow to Chapman-Jouguet rates when the strong detonation and weak detonation point coincide. At some distance from the wave, the flow is isoenergetic (constant total enthalpy) as there is no time for heat transfer. Examples of application for combustion of Hydrogen in air with attention on NO formation when air is in excess are given.


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