Elasto-plastic finite deformation models for anisotropic damage


  • S. Cleja-Tigoiu


tensorial damage variables, elastic, plastic, free energy imbalance, evolution equations


The paper deals with finite deformation elasto-plastic models with anisotropic damage. The models are mathematically coherent and consistent with free energy imbalance principle. One model is based on the existence of deformation-like damage tensor, F d , which characterizes the passage from the undamaged, stress free configuration to the damaged and stress free configuration. The other one involves a symmetric defect density tensor, which is a measure of non-metricity of the so-called plastic connection, there is a gradient-like model. The constitutive and evolution equations are derived to be compatible with the free energy imbalance principle, which has been reformulated to be applicable to the elasto-plastic materials with damaged structure. We assumed that the plastic flow and the development of damage, i.e. the micro voids and micro cracks, are distinct irreversible mechanisms during the deformation process.


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