Hysteresis in the shape memory alloys


  • Stefania Donescu
  • Ligia Munteanu
  • Iulian Girip


hysteresis operator, shape memory alloys, exponential evolution law, feedforward control


This paper discusses the hysteretic behaviour of a shape memory strip under uniaxial tension. The generalized play hysteresis operator is coupled with the exponential evolution law of 1D constitutive model of the shape memory material. The model considers two phase transformations: conversion of austenite into single-variant martensite and conversion of single-variant martensite into austenite. This paper also discusses the modeling and feedforward control for the strip hysteresis for some unstable cases. For these cases, the generalized play operator is analyzed in connection with the feedforward control. Results show that hysteresis can be reduced to less than 20% when applying the feedforward control.


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