On the behaviour of the hysteretic wire-rope isolators under random excitation


  • Iulian Girip
  • Stefania Donescu
  • Mihaela Poienariu
  • Ligia Munteanu


Wire-rope isolator, Bouc-Wen model, stiffness and strength degradation, pinching


Difficulties in characterizing of behavior of the wire-rope isolators under random excitation is the motivation for investigation of the modified Bouc-Wen model in the spirit of Baber and Noori, in order to include the experimentally observed stiffness and strength degradation, and pinching, respectively. The prediction of the behavior of such structures with hysteretic shear behavior under random excitation is investigated in this paper. The model is verified for the case of harmonic excitation with a range of exciting frequencies and amplitude levels, on the base of reported data in literature.


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